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Guided by a Curious Heart

The fool is guided by their curious heart.

The fool is the kitten, the bear cub, the child in us all, alive in the moment, agenda-free... a true hero. The fool takes the boxes of the status quo and turns them into a fort and invites all their friends over for a tea party.

This is a place to build forts together. It is a place to laugh at ourselves. It is a place for wonder, awe, curiosity, to guide us to a more joyful, tender, heart-driven life.


I’m a fool. At least I aspire to be. I’ve explored this aspiration through wandering in nature, creating theater, as an educator, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor. I am here to meet you all in the place where we can feel most free. The way there, I have a hunch, is through listening to our curious hearts.

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