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Hi. I'm ILANA.

I’m a fool. At least I aspire to be. I’ve explored this aspiration through wandering in nature, creating theater, as an educator, a daughter, a friend, a neighbor. I am here to meet you all in the place where we can feel most free. The way there, I have a hunch, is through listening to our curious hearts. 

In my writing and workshops I seek to create a space for questions and exploration. I simply offer some suggestions, some tools to do so and hope they help us tap more deeply into our hearts. I draw upon my range of experience from hundreds of miles of solo backpacking, wilderness first aid training, creation of several original theater shows utilizing mask, clowning, and commedia dell'Arte, as Manager of Performing Arts at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County where, with a team of artists, we create shows inspired by the research and exhibitions, as well as my practice in Zen meditation and inquiries into the great existential question:

Who am I? 


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