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Fool-Hearted workshops and retreats, centered around nature and play, aim to open us up to our fool-hearted freedom.


Ilana delivers valuable material with humor, candor and humility.

- Siena N. | Intro to Backpacking Workshop

I keep thinking of the word “workshop” and wonder if this day was more “heartwork?”
We set down our talismans at the altar, laid down our burdens if only temporarily, and gave water back to the earth as we took in the hawk’s view of the world below us, and ended the evening sharing a meal - breaking bread - together. It was ceremonial and sacred yet also mundane like so many meals shared - and that’s also the beauty of it.

- Anne P. | Solstice Workshop

It can be so challenging to prioritize time for reflection and self care, so I am especially grateful for the gift of Ilana's workshops. I know it will be time well spent, and that the activities and reflections will continue to resonate and reverberate for me in the days and weeks that follow. 

- Liz | Solstice Workshop

I felt immediately comfortable upon entry into the space. You had a clear structure in mind for the afternoon and everything flowed with ease. You perfectly connected the surrounding elements of nature both physically and spiritually. The journaling and guided meditations were very healing. I can't wait for your next event!

- Susan T. | Solstice Workshop


I especially loved the variety of techniques they used (group work, individual work, physical movement, internal reflection), and the way they created and maintained a safe and sacred space for us from the very beginning. I left the experience feeling revitalized and validated in my ongoing personal reflective practices. I look forward to their future offerings!

- Elizabeth A. | Unveiling Workshop

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Gathering & Workshop

Sunday, December 19th
2pm - 6pm


Two days before the Winter Solstice and at the doorstep of a new calendar year, we will gather together with fool-hearted curiosity and in open-hearted community to release, give thanks, and celebrate as we move from the darkest day of the year into the brightening days leading to the Summer Solstice. 


What do we want to let go of from this past year? How can we make space for all that we want to bring forward? What are our wishes for ourselves, others, for the planet? Really, it comes down to... how do we open ourselves up to love more deeply?

 In a serene setting, nestled in the mountain foothills, we will let the Solstice fire warm us as we journey through these questions via guided meditation, journaling, and ritual. And since it is also two days after Saturnalia (and my birthday!), light food will be provided for a properly nourished celebratory ending! 


The practices are inspired by deep ecology and the wisdom of teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Joanna Macy, Robin Wall-Kimmerer, Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams, and others, as well as our own innate wisdom and guidance as beings of this earth. 

All Welcome!

No prior experience needed or expected.



  • Limited capacity for 8 people. Register now to secure your spot. 

  • Location: *In-person*, Altadena, CA (exact location will be sent after registration is received) We will be outdoors, but at a residence.

  • $25 However, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. No questions asked. Just let me know when you register that you would like your spot gifted.

  • Vegetarian food included with fee. 

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated due to the nature of the workshop. 

  • Limited parking, please plan to carpool if possible. 

  • To maintain the integrity of the circle, please plan to arrive on time and stay for the duration.

  • Bring a journal, pen, warm layers, and any other comforts you require.

  • We will be outside at a residence with most of the creature comforts we need. 

  • In the event of rain, workshop will be rescheduled.




Sunday | October 24 | 2:30-5:30 PM

Will Rogers State Historic Park


*scroll down for link to register*

On the Sunday afternoon before Halloween, come gather with fellow seekers in the wilderness of the Santa Monica Mountains as we uncover who we are behind the masks we wear. Using ritual, somatic techniques, journaling, group and solo creative practices, we will come together in the wild to witness our true nature.

This is a magical time of year when the veil thins between our world and the other, between the face we show and the no-face within; a time of liminality when we can more easily move beyond our rigid and limiting personas into the larger “I” that is more mysterious, fluid and supportive. It is the season of the harvest, of reaping the fruits of our labor, and for the past year and a half, we have all labored in our own way through a fraught and dangerous world. Let us come together now to honor our precious resilience.


We will meet in the parking lot of Will Rogers State Historic Park and journey as a group to a secluded valley where we will commune with one another and the land, opening ourselves to a deeper sense of interconnectedness with others, human and non-human. We will be utilizing ecological theories and embodiment practices inspired by Joanna Macy, Augusto Boal, David Abram and others.

In a time of hypervigilance, when we all too often feel scattered, weary and alone, we will arrive on the mountain together and call ourselves back, here, to the wisdom of the present moment and the healing embrace of the solid ground.



Online Workshop


Everyone welcome. Even the curious couch-potato.

Special emphasis on being a woman in the wilderness.


July 8th & 15th, 2021

6-8 pm



Different content each day. Come to both or just one.



50% of donations will go to support the 


50% of donations will support the creation of 

future in-person workshops centered around nature & play

Are you curious about backpacking, but such a novice that you don’t even know where to begin or what questions to ask? Do you want to hear from someone who isn’t out to “conquer” nature? Are you just plain curious and want to hear some stories, but you’ll probably still prefer to watch nature documentaries from your couch than actually do it yourself? Or have you already been backpacking, but still want a place to ask your “dumb” questions? 

This workshop is for you!


I get asked about backpacking a lot, especially about being a woman who goes on solo trips. So I thought I’d gather you all together in one place to share some tips and stories. As the saying goes, “A thousand mile journey begins with the first step”. For a long time, I was curious about backpacking, but didn’t know who to talk to, or how to take that first step. Consider this your first step! You might leave inspired to get out on a trail or simply with a little more trivia in your back pocket. (Like, where does one poop?)

Some of what I’ll *probably* cover:

  • How I got into backpacking and why I feel comfortable being alone in the wilderness.

  • How to approach the wilderness with respect, gratitude, and curiosity rather than the machismo “peak-bagging” mindset.

  • Why the wilderness isn’t so scary - aka ignorance is not bliss.

  • How to stay relatively safe - aka bears and snakes are of the least concern.

  • Where do you even poop? and other logistics.

  • Essential gear and supplies - aka leave the hair gel and portable tv behind. 

  • What to eat on the trail - aka yes, you can even have apple pie. Sort of. 

  • Tips on the next first steps and where to get more info.

  • Plus time for Q&A

About ilana

Ilana has been backpacking for over 15 years. She completed 220 miles solo for 18 days hiking the Nüümü Poyo (aka John Muir Trail) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, from Yosemite to Mount Whitney. She is Wilderness First Aid Certified and a Certified Interpretive Guide. Ilana believes that the wilderness is a place to connect to something larger than oneself and encourages an approach rooted in humility and care for the natural world. She aims to offer a welcoming space and an alternative to the “conquer the trail” voices she often hears in the outdoor community. 


* The overall goals of the California Tribal Fund are to ensure both Federally recognized tribes and non-recognized tribes, in addition to California Tribal nonprofits, are served and to connect philanthropic supporters with those doing grassroots work to advance California’s Native communities.

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